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RegenaDISC® — a regenerative approach to treating spinal conditions offered exclusively by Laser Spine Institute

Living with chronic and severe disc-related pain can have a devastating impact on a patient’s life. At Laser Spine Institute we are committed to always finding the newest and most effective ways to treat the most common conditions and associated symptoms. RegenaDISC® is an innovative procedure completed by using the patient’s own stem cells to regenerate damaged disc material. This procedure is successful in treating disc conditions, while promoting mobility and overall spine health.

RegenaDISC® is performed in our AAAHC-accredited outpatient ambulatory surgical center in Scottsdale. This biologic treatment utilizes the patient’s own stem cells, extracted from their bone marrow. After processing the stem cells, they are inserted into the disc by using effective techniques to ensure the stem cells engraft properly. Once the stem cells are successfully inserted into the disc, they cause the disc to regenerate, reducing inflammation overall.

Conditions Treated with RegenaDISC®

RegenaDISC® is used to treat a variety of conditions at our Scottsdale center, including:

  • Mild disc degeneration
  • Bulging discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Annular tears

If you are experiencing the chronic pain and symptoms that often come with these conditions, do not wait to find relief. Contact Laser Spine Institute to see if you may be a candidate for the RegenaDISC® procedure at our Scottsdale center today.