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Cervical disc replacement can relieve pain experienced by Scottsdale-area patients with severe degenerative disc damage

Chronic pain caused by an intervertebral disc condition can be debilitating and devastating. In the past, the only option for relief was an invasive traditional open neck surgery. This type of surgery could involve a large scar and require a lengthy recovery. At Laser Spine Institute, we offer you a less invasive alternative to open neck surgery — one that is safer and effective.^ Our minimally invasive cervical disc replacement procedure offers you relief — without restricting your mobility post-surgery.

Help for chronic pain

Disc degeneration is a common part of the aging process. As we grow older, our intervertebral discs begin to lose a portion of their water mass, causing them to shrink in height. As this occurs, these discs may bulge or herniate, causing disc material to move outside of its natural location. For some patients, this process causes no symptoms. For others, if the disc material becomes damaged and compresses the spinal cord or nearby nerve roots, chronic pain and other symptoms can occur. When conservative measures fail to provide relief, surgery may be necessary.

Cervical disc replacement procedure

If you are in need of an artificial disc to replace an unhealthy vertebral disc, our minimally invasive cervical disc replacement procedure offers you a number of benefits. Since our minimally invasive procedures require only a small incision, you can avoid having a large scar. Our surgeons also avoid cutting or tearing your muscles during the procedure, reducing your recovery time. In addition, our procedures are outpatient procedures. This means there is a reduced risk of infection and no hospital-associated costs. Here is how the procedure works:

  • The procedure is completed through a small incision
  • The surgeon will first locate and remove the damaged disc material
  • Once this is complete, the surgeon will insert an artificial disc replacement in order to widen the area to prevent future compression

When you come in for your cervical disc replacement procedure, our caring staff will walk you through all of the necessary steps required for surgery. From your first phone call to your final follow up, our expert surgeons and Care Team will ensure that your needs, and your loved ones’ needs, are met. Our comfortable amenities and state-of-the-art facilities provide catered meals and other comforts while you are in our care.

Help for common spine conditions

The cervical disc replacement procedure offered at our Scottsdale center is able to address a number of common spine conditions, including:

Is cervical disc replacement right for you?

You may be a candidate for cervical disc replacement. If you are facing pain and other symptoms associated with disc-related conditions, please contact a member of our Care Team. We will assess your situation and determine if we can help.