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As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, Laser Spine Institute has treated more than 75,000 patients since 2005. We specialize in minimally invasive surgery that serves as an effective alternative to traditional open neck or back surgery. With a 98 patient satisfaction score^, our skilled surgeons are committed to assisting each patient in finding the best treatment available for them and their lifestyle. At Laser Spine Institute, we understand that choosing to undergo surgery is a life-changing decision, which is why we are dedicated to assisting you in making the most informed and educated choice possible.

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Spine Conditions

The first step in finding the right treatment option for you is to understand your condition and associated symptoms. At Laser Spine Institute we understand the urgency you feel when looking to find relief, which is why we have compiled comprehensive information on a number of the most common conditions that we see and treat on a daily basis. Go to spinal treatments and surgeries.

If you are suffering from these or other conditions you may be a candidate for a procedure at Laser Spine Institute. Contact us today for more information.